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Alt Datum is a leader in the digital marketing umbrella. We are a team of dedicated individuals that specialize in website development, website design, consumer email list buildingB2B lead generation, and email list building, and data analytics services. Our entire team is based out of Orange County Ca. Our Orange County website design team, and our Orange County website development team work hand in hand to meet and exceed all of your expectations.

We bring over 20+ years of experience when it comes to helping your business grow through the means of digital marketing services. We customize solutions around your industry, your market, your vision, and goals. We specialize in WordPress, Drupal, Joomla CMS platforms when it comes to our Orange County Website Development team.

Data has become the lifeblood of new and older businesses. We are experts of everything tech, and anything involving data. Whether it be backend coding of a WordPress website, or collecting and building specialty email databases and using social media as a datahub.

Our mission is to think outside the box on how we can solve complex goals to help your business to achieve new levels of success. Let us be your creative thinkers to find new and innovative ways to help to grow your business.

Consumer Email List Building

Our Orange County Email List Building team has created a service to build your business the most accurate consumer email list that will get you the largest return on your investment verse any other email list services that’s on the market today.

Social Media as a Datahub

We use popular social media platforms to create your consumer email lists for marketing. We have the ability to create large consumer email lists based on your social media competitor pages, your social media influencers, likes, share, and more.

All Consumer Emails Are Verified

The consumer email lists that we create through social media are all verified lists. We only deliver your business emails that are verified as deliverable. We check each email that we build for you through the top email verification software on the market today.

Your Consumer Email List isn’t Re-Sold

Each consumer email list that we build for our clients are built specifically for your business. Our Orange County email list building team sets up a call to discuss what users on social media that you want to create. This list could be based on your competitors social media pages followers, influencers, likes, shares hashtags and more,

Orange County Website Development
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Orange County Website Design

Our Orange County website design team is hear to create and design the perfect website for your business. We work with multiple different industries and we know what it takes to create you a stunning website. We enjoy listening to our clients vision and taking those visions into a perfectly designed website.

Orange County Website Development

Orange County WordPress Design

We can design you a perfect website through WordPress CMS. With using the flexibility of WordPress this gives our design experts free range of design that will meet and exceed your companies website.

Responsive Design

Our Orange County website design team creates all of our website designs into a responsive working website. This means that your website design is designed around being able to automatically adjust to any size screens, tablets, computers mobile phones and more.

Industry Designs

Alt Datum works with many different industries and we know what it takes to design you a website that will meet and exceed your industries design. We work with non profits, manufacturing, medical device, technology and many more industries nationwide.

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End To End Website Development

Our Orange County Website Development team works from end to end with custom backend development of any website. We bring over 20 years of experience working on custom backend websites. We can bring the most complex website development ideas to life through our Orange County Website Development experts. Get a hold of today and lets bring your new or existing venture to a reality.

Custom CSS

We can customize your site through the means of CSS and style your website in anyway need be. We can create a custom website based on any design that your company needs to succeed.


We are professionals in the language of JS, we can bring interactive maps to life, content updates, animations and so much more to your website development projects.

Custom HTML

We customize each website around your goals and visions for your website. Through the means of HTML we are able to use CSS, JavaScript and HTML to bring your new website project to life.

US Based Website Development 

All the work done here at Alt Datum is done through our Orange County website design team, Orange County Website Development team, and our Orange County data science teams when it comes to building custom email databases, data analytics and more,

Orange County Website Development

B2B Lead Generation & B2B Email List Building

We are specialists when it comes to helping your Business grow through the means of lead and demand generation services. We have a proven method that works. We first help to drive demand to your business. We make your prospects aware of who your business is first, we messages your prospects second, you reply to your prospects third, lastly we collect data from your prospects and hand that data back to your business for email marketing or load it into a CRM for sales follow ups.

Orange County Website Development

We Build Leads

We help to run automation of your social media profile. We get your profile in front of your highly refined prospects on an automated basis. We help to auto-visit, auto-connect, auto-message your prospects, so you can work on your business and just answer back to your prospects that want to learn more about your business.

We target and B2B Prospects

As long as your business has prospects that are based on B2B then we can target your prospects. We can target your prospects by any industry, region, job titles, keywords and much more.

B2B Email List Building

While we run automation on your social profile auto-visit, auto-connect, auto-message your prospects we are collecting data from each of your prospects. At the end of each month we provide you an email database of verified emails from your prospects that we ran automation on for that month.

B2B Email Marketing

Take our verified B2B email list that we built you and set up an email marketing campaign. Our list is not just a cold list of your prospects. They are warmed up. Meaning your prospects have already had three touches by you before they get any email. Your social media profile has already visited theirs, connected and messaged them giving the a better open rate when they get your email.

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Data Science Solutions

We help to grow your business by making extremely intelligent processing, either of your own current data or the data that your business needs that’s listed on the internet. We structure a specific plan of production, analyze big data, text, offers, and content. We collect and organize data from the internet that your company needs to be more successful.

Website Extraction

Automatically collect and structuring of any type of data listed on the internet. We study your niche, the data that your specific business needs, automate the collection of the data and cleanse the data ensuring the data that you receive is active and up to date.

Data Science

We work with every business niche. We record, capture, interpret and interrelate big data sets. We help to improve your company through prediction of future trends, learn demographics, buying habits and behaviors of your customers or competitors.

Machine Learning

We create specific systems that are based on your business needs. We set up automatic systems to analyze millions of data points. We utilize this information to predict future behaviors that will offer your business cutting edge technology to make better business decisions.

Artificial Intelligence

Utilizing our revolutionary artificial intelligence techniques you’ll be able to free up human capital by replacing manual task with complete automation.

Orange County Website Development
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Our Orange County Data Strategy Team

Select Software TOOL SETS

ALT Datum's team has a broad set of tools to ensure we are using the right software for your business industry and we fit the right tools for the right job. 

Infinity Lead Gen Testimony

Amazing company to work with. They helped our company with data analytics, processing the data as well as they built us a great website.

Heather Jance / Aerostrive Networks

Recommend ALT Datum for helping to grow your business. The created a large database for our company where we market our business to.

Mark Rodgers / A-Dapt Technologies
Lead Gen

Re-developed our website, built us demand through lead generation, built us a database and created a custom CRM for our business. This company does so much!

Nina Patel / Mission Marketing

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Alt Datum is trusted by numerous innovating companies. We have helped to solve complex solutions through the means of data science, data analytics, big data, custom system integrations, and web development solutions. We custom-tailor solutions that help many different industries run more efficiently.