About alt Datum

Alt Datum is based out of Orange County California and consists of a dedicated team of data scientists, developers, engineers, and visionaries. Alt Datum collaboratively works together from end to end to ensure we consistently provide achieving results to all of our clients. Our team at Alt Datum is on the same path to improve the daily operations of your business, enhance decision making through data science, and continually improve the technology that businesses can utilize to run more efficiently.

Alt Datum is a premier Analytics & Information Management company. A Market Leader in the implementation of Data Analytics, Predictive Data, Data Visualization, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Pen Testing, Website Development, and Lead Generation Services.

We help customers better understand their market, competitors, risks, operations, and customers through analytics, data integration, and data quality. Our solutions have helped our customers Increase Sales, Reduce Costs, Meet Regulatory Compliance, Gain Market Share, and focus on Customer Retention.