Email List Building For All Industries 

We build a highly refined and targeted B2C and B2B email list that is specific directly to your business. We use popular social media platforms to build your email lists. We build lists based on your business competitor’s social media followers, your influencer’s followers, popular hashtags, job titles, and more. All of our emails are built-in real-time specific to your business. All our email lists are run through leading email verification software to ensure your lists have the lowest bounce rate.

Email Automation

Email automation customized solutions. We can help to build you your own email automation system for a fraction of the price that you would be paying for popular platforms such as Mailchimp, HubSpot, Constant Contact, and more. Our team builds you your own email automation system that you own. All emails are sent through Amazon SES to ensure your email automation system has the best deliverability.

Option 1:

B2B Email List Building

Option 2:

B2C Consumer Email List Building

B2B Email List Building

We build all our databases in real-time specifically for your business. We start by getting to know who your business prospects are. We target any industry, any job titles, all regions, and any company sizes. We collect the data in real-time so you will know that you’re prospect is still in the same position.

Minimum Requirements

  • Industry your prospects are in
  • Job titles

Highest Success Rates

  • Industry your prospects are in
  • Job titles
  • Company size

Social Media Email Building

Our list building is the most highly accurate lists of individuals that are prone to purchase your products or services. We do this by using popular social media platforms. We build your list based on your companies competitors followers, likes, shares, influencers followers, hashtags in your niche, groups and more.

Minimum Requirements

  • Competitors followers
  • Influencers followers

Highest Success Rates

  • Hashtags in your niche
  • Region
  • Similar traits

Select Software TOOL SETS

ALT Datum's team has a broad set of tools to ensure we are using the right software for your business industry and we fit the right tools for the right job. 

No Bounced Emails

You Only Receive Verified Emails

When we deliver your emails you receive only emails that have passed email verification process. Our email verification process goes through a multi-stage verification process to ensure your email lands in your prospect’s inbox. We check multiple attributes such as domain validity, DNS and MX records to which emails are working and which emails won’t receive an email.

Infinity Lead Gen Testimony

Amazing company to work with. They helped our company with data analytics, processing the data as well as they built us a great website.

Heather Jance / Aerostrive Networks

Recommend ALT Datum for helping to grow your business. The created a large database for our company where we market our business to.

Mark Rodgers / A-Dapt Technologies
Lead Gen

Re-developed our website, built us demand through lead generation, built us a database and created a custom CRM for our business. This company does so much!

Nina Patel / Mission Marketing

Sizes of List’s and Databases

We will help to find and verify any size list that you currently own. We also will build you a database of your prospects, find your prospects B2B email then verify any size list that your business needs to be successful. We also can help build and map this database into any type of CRM.


Alt Datum specializes in cost-effective solutions. Pricing varies depending on the size of the list that you’re looking to work. Database building, email finding and verification work the same. The price varies based on the size of the list and how niche related the database you’re looking to build. Contact us today to discuss an option that will meet and exceed your expectations.

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Alt Datum is trusted by numerous innovating companies. We have helped to solve complex solutions through the means of data science, data analytics, big data, custom system integrations, and web development solutions. We custom-tailor solutions that help many different industries run more efficiently.

ALT Datum is the leader in consumer email list building, B2B email list building, data analytics, data extraction, data visualization, penetration testing, website development, and lead generation services.