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alt Datum Rancho Santa Margarita web design team works with just about any CMS that is out there today. With WordPress being the dominant force for CMS’s today we have a team dedicated for WordPress alone. Each business has it unique need and we can work with whatever your business need is.

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Alt Datum is trusted by numerous innovating companies. We have helped to solve complex solutions through the means of data science, data analytics, big data, custom system integrations, and web development solutions. We custom-tailor solutions that help many different industries run more efficiently.

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alt Datum is based out of Orange County CA. We are a premier Analytics & Information Management company. A Market Leader in the implementation of Data Analytics, Predictive Data, Data Visualization, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Pen Testing, Website Development, and Lead Generation Services.

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Infinity Lead Gen Testimony

Amazing company to work with. They helped our company with data analytics, processing the data as well as they built us a great website.

Heather Jance / Aerostrive Networks

Recommend ALT Datum for helping to grow your business. The created a large database for our company where we market our business to.

Mark Rodgers / A-Dapt Technologies
Lead Gen

Re-developed our website, built us demand through lead generation, built us a database and created a custom CRM for our business. This company does so much!

Nina Patel / Mission Marketing