btcpay with docker compose – 6 – Closing section – tor+tor-gen.

btcpay with docker compose - 6 - Final part - tor+tor-gen.

Utilizing docker-compose to take a look at btcpay server’s stack architecture.

This online video does think some track record in bitcoin, docker + compose and a general tech-savviness.

Also, make positive you have enough space to host your server – about 300 GB really should be ample.

Source code (as noticed in this tutorial) + diagram

Btcpay docker on github:

Btcpay official site:

btcpayserver docker hub:


3 thoughts on “btcpay with docker compose – 6 – Closing section – tor+tor-gen.

  1. yevicr says:

    Can you help me please, I run docker-compose up and got

    "Could not find a part of the path '/var/lib/tor/hidden_services"

    I typed everything as you did, do you have any idea why I am getting that?

  2. yevicr says:

    Another question, if I am doing the installation on a centos machine (VM), I can access it from another machine using tor? just copying the .onion you showed us?

  3. yevicr says:

    So you are saying that this is not a solution for a production environment, what it takes to use it on a production env? I am following your guide because the docker installation found on the btcpay server github repository is not working out for me! Thanks

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