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Social media is a gold mine to build a custom email list

Buy a social media email list that is custom built specifically for your customers. We build an email list through social media groups, followers, likers, commenters, hashtags, and more. Read along to get a better understanding of our process to see how Alt Datum can build you the most customized targeted consumer-based email list through social media.

It’s important to utilize the power of email marketing in your business. Email marketing is far from dead. It’s imperative to add email marketing to your business, but it’s equally important to utilize a list that will convert into sales. This is where Alt Datum sets apart from the other email list services. We don’t just sell you a list of random emails that have been sold to hundreds if not thousands of other companies. We build a list of individuals in real-time. This list is specific to only your company. This email list is built specifically around your buyer’s persona. Meaning we use social media at a datahub, we build your email list from your social media influencers, competitors’ followers, likes, comments, hashtags, and more.

Why Use Social Media When You Buy an Email List

You may be asking why you would bring Alt Datum on when you buy an email list for your business. There are many other companies out there selling lists of emails. I will give you a few examples as to why our service will get you more results than any other list that is out there.

  1. We build a customized list in real-time using social media as a datahub. Your list is specific for your business and isn’t resold to any other business.
  2. Your list is built based on your competitor’s followers, followers of your influencers on social media, hashtags in your market, and more.
  3. We only provide you “Verified” emails. The customized list of emails that we build for you is run through the #1 email verification software on the market today Xverify
  4. Use our list to email your business’s products or services.
  5. Get a better ROI with our email list building services by letting us build a highly targeted email list that will convert into sales.

How Our Social Media Email List Building Can Help Your ROI

Here at Alt Datum we believe getting your companies product or service is not only beneficial for your companies bottom line, but it’s also beneficial to the individuals that we gather for you. Why is that you may ask? Well for example maybe there is a person named John Smith, and I’m sure there are millions of John Smiths out there, but I’ll use that common name as an example.

Example of Our Services

I want to give you an example of what we do and how powerful our email list building services will be for your company.

Let’s say your business sells a really cool line of iPhone cases. Your business needs a way to get in front of individuals that have an iPhone, enjoys iPhone cases, and more prone to purchase a phone case. This is where Alt Datum steps in and helps to build you a highly refined custom list through social media.

Now that we know that your company needs emails from individuals that use iPhone, and enjoy iPhone cases we can do a few things to get started building your custom email list.

  • Your Competitors Social Media Followers

    1. You tell us that you want a list built by your number one competitor’s 145k followers on Instagram Otter Box, or Otter Box 65k loyal followers on Twitter Otter Box.
  • Popular Hashtags

    1. We can also build highly refined emails based on hashtags. #caseiphone has over 10 million hashtags. We can build a highly targeted list based on people that like, share, comment, or interact with these hashtags.
  • Groups

    1. People that join groups are generally very involved with a topic. We can build lists of emails based on groups.

When You Buy Social Media Email List You Can Use It For Marketing

Email Marketing

Load up our custom-built email list so you can get your product or service directly in front of individuals that are more prone to buy your product or services.

Social Media Ads

Use our social media email list for targeting ads within social media. The custom email lost that we build for you are individuals that already interact on social media with your competitors, influencers, likes, commenting, and more.

Your List Isn’t Resold

There are so many company’s that sell generic email lists. The lists aren’t highly refined as what we do when we build a social media email list for individuals that will buy your product or service. Your list is built in real-time with our company and is specific to your company only.

Other companies have sold the same dead list to 100’s companies just like yours.

Database Building

We have uncovered a process when we build your social media email list. Once we understand your company and your buyer persona we get to work building your highly refined data through social media outlets. Once we have collected the data points we refine and process the data.

Verifying Emails

  • Verified Emails

    1. When we build your custom email list you only will receive verified emails. After the database building process has been complete and we’ve completed the data refined process. We run each email through the best email verification software. The emails that pass “verification” go into databases as verified and working emails that you will receive when we complete.
  • Unverified Emails

    1. Emails that have come back to us as unverified go into a database that will be deleted and you won’t receive these emails in your social media email list.

How Big of a List Can We Build

We typically have a 50% to 60% success rate of uncovering a verified email through our social media email list building services. Our email list building services really depends on who and what your company does, and who you’re trying to target on social media.

Example of a List Size

Let’s go back to the example I gave before. Let’s say your business sells all varieties of iPhone cases.

  • Example 1

    1. You’re only interested in Otter Box Instagram followers of 165k. You want a verified email list built from only this sector. We can build you a database of Otter Box Instagram followers verified emails for around 80k verified emails.
  • Example 2

    1. You’re only interested in all social media outlets, and every iPhone manufacturer that is out there. You want every hashtag with the iPhone, everyone who is interested in iPhone cases. This list will be in the millions if not 10 million.

Removing All Duplicates

Nowadays people have multiple social media profiles. I know I have a few and more than likely the individual’s that we build an email list around also have multiple. We de-duplicate all final verified emails before we hand you your list. This ensures you’re not getting duplicate data.

No Outsourcing All US Based

Everything that we do here at Alt Datum isn’t being outsourced overseas or by other companies. We are US-Based and you will be working with highly technical individuals here at Alt Datum. The only outsourced company that we use for building a custom email list through social media is the email verification process. We use the #1 best email verification software on the market today. This ensures that 98% of your email list will be received.

What Industries Do We Work With

Alt Datum works with just about every industry nationwide. If your customers are consumer base then we use social media outlets explained in this article. If you’re in the B2B market and you’re in need of a B2B business email list then we’ve also got you covered here.

  • If You’re In The Consumer Market

    1. If you’re looking for a consumer-based list. We work with just about any industry imaginable to build you’re custom list through social media. Millions of people are interacting with social media giving signals of what they like, share, follow, and more.
  • If You’re In The Business to Business Market

    1. We work with many different companies in the B2B sector. We have a different approach to the B2B sector. We first build demand through your social media accounts. After we build demand we uncover verified B2B emails that we hand off to your company.

How To Get Started

Contact us today for a quick discussion about your business and how we can help to grow your business through our custom social media email list building service.


We customize a plan directly for your business. Each business is different and we make sure the plan that we put together for your email list is specific for your companies success. Typically pricing depends on the volume of data that you’re looking to build.

Testing Social Email Databases

We don’t offer a free plan to test an email list. We do offer a smaller test of emails and the price can be credited back towards a larger purchase. This can help you get a better feeling of conversions and see the real power of our email list build services here at Alt Datum.

Social Media Ads

Social media has become one of the best places to market your business. This is another reason working with Alt Datum social media email list building services is so powerful. When you create your ad’s in social media you can upload the list that we build for you so your ads can accurately target individuals that are more prone to buy your business’s product or services.

We are Specialist

Alt Datum is a leader in creating a highly targeted email list both for consumers and business to business email databases. We specialize in the means of website development, database building, data analytics, penetration testing, demand, and lead generation services throughout the United States. Contact us today to discuss how we can help your business through any of our services.

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