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Find Expired Domains

Find Expired Domains To Boost SEO

Anyone that has been doing SEO for any given time knows that finding very powerful niche related expired domains is one of the most powerful things you can do to boost your website’s ranking and get your website a lot more traffic.

What You’re Going To Learn in This Article

I want to share a method that we use to find highly targeted expired domains that you can do a 301 redirect directly to your money site. You’re going to learn in this article t

  • The software that you’re going to need to find niche related businesses to yours
  • How to bulk check if the domains are available for purchase
  • Bulk check domain authority to refine the list down to domains that you want to go through with a fine-tooth comb before you redirect.
  • What software to use to check backlink history

Software That You Will Need To Purchase to Find Expired Domains With High DA & Niche Related

  • Scrapebox

    • Pretty much the swiss army knife of SEO. There is a small learning curve to the software, but this tool does so much more than just find expired domains
  • Scrapebox Yellow Pages Scraper

    • We are going to use the Yellow Pages Addon to find niche related businesses.
  • Scrapebox Unregistered Domain Checker

    • This is a free add-on that checks domains in bulk to see if they are unregistered and ready for purchase.
  • Scrapebox Page Authority Checker

    • After we find a bulk amount of niche related expired domains you can use this plugin to quickly find the DA
  • Moz Account

    • Once we refine a list of domains you will use a MOZ account to check for healthy backlinks.

    • Another tool to check more in-depth of what the backlink history is
  • Majestic

    • One of my favorite tools, once I’ve narrowed thousands of domains down I take the final few candidates and check them in Majestic

Let’s Get The Software That We Need Set Up to Find Expired Domains

The first thing first is you’re going to want to head over to Scrapbox and purchase the software. The interface takes a minute to get used to, but once you start utilizing the software it’s going help you find expired domains extremely fast and easy.


Buy Good Proxies Before Scraping Yellowpages to Find Expired Domains

The software offers a free proxy scraper where you can use public proxies. This works, but you’ll have way better results if you pick up at least 10 private proxies.

Get The Yellowpages Addon Set Up

Choose premium plugins in the top header, then click show available plugins. Once this loads up you’ll see an option for the yellow pages plugin. This software gives you other abilities to search for domains in your niche that you can run the same tactics that I’m showing you, but what I found is scraping yellow pages for niche related businesses gives you domains that previously were ranking for keywords based on your business.

Yellow Pages Addon For Expired Domains

You can see below where the premium plugin is at. It’s a one time fee for 37.00

Setting Up Page Ranker

Setting up the page ranker is pretty simple and free. You’re simply going to choose Add-ons at the top bar of the software, then Show Available Addons.

Re-Cap We Should Be Ready To Find Expired Domains

If you followed along correctly at this point you should have Scrapebox on your system. You should also have the Yellowpages plugin purchased and the Page Authority plugin setup and ready.

Step 1:

Go over to and do a basic search for a keyword in your niche. For instance, my business does Website Design. I searched in yellow pages “website design” As you can see in the image below I highlighted in green the category for which lists website design in. This is the keyword we want to use for my niche.

Step 2: Launch Yellowpage Plugin and Find Expired Domains

There are a few things we want to configure inside the yellow pages plugin before we start scraping for niche related businesses

  • Click to use proxies, again preferably not public proxies, but this is solely up to you.
  • Select the dropdown for
  • Choose what data you want to receive. You must keep the website ticked.

Choosing Regions to Scrape

You’re able to choose the exact cities if you want. Maybe you’re trying to rank a local plumbing site in Los Angeles and you only want expired plumbing companies in that city then choose the address list. If you want to scrape every city in the United States for my use case I choose the setting “Use All” then I use the category keyword that we found in and I scrape every listing based on that category for every city in the US.

Step 3: Export Your Results

If you’re running every city in the United States then you may want to run this overnight. When I find expired domains I like to grab as many niche related companies that I can to run analytics on in bulk.

Step 4: Copy and Paste Only The Website Column

After you export out to an excel format simply copy all your website results. We are going to want to paste all the websites back into scrapebox. We need to clean this list up a bit before we check for domains that are able to purchase that are in our niche.

  1. Paste websites into scrapebox in the harvester. Then in the right-hand column choose to remove/filter. Once you see the dropdown you’re going to want to remove duplicate domains

Step 5: Find Expired Domains In Bulk

Now that our list is cleaned up it’s time to check for expired domains. I typically let thousands of domains run. There isn’t any limit to the amount you can run this through. It really comes down to your imagination and how you can come up with how to find expired domains that are worth purchasing either for PBN’s or 301 redirects to a money site.

Right-hand Column

Choose the button Grab/Check, you’ll see a drop-down popup and you’re going to want to open up check unregistered domains plugin

Step 6: Find Expired Domain Lookup

Now that you have the unregistered domains plugin opened up there are a few settings that you can play around with. I typically just keep it at default, but I have found very good results also by choosing to tick off No Whois checkbox.

Step 7: Export all The Expired Domains

After the software runs it’s going to check every expired domain that is in your niche. You’re going to want to export all these to a CSV format because now it’s time to start refining this list for only expired domains in our niche with high metrics and healthy link profiles

Step 8: Bulk Check Moz Domain Authority On Our New Expired Domains

Head back over to our good ole trusty scrapebox and we want to check for domains that are worth spending time on researching. We are only going to bulk check expired domains through the page authority plugin. We want to weed out as many domains that have low authority and only spend time on domains that have high authority.

Step 9: Configuration of Moz

You’re going to want to head over to Moz and signup for a free account. You’re going to need an API and secret key to be able to check metrics in bulk. This is a good video here showing how to set this up. It’s straight forward and easy to understand. Setup of Moz

  1. Load your saved expired list for only your expired domains
  2. Keep connections low. I always try to scrape slowly
  3. Run through your list
  4. Export the results

Refining Your Results For Expired Domains

After you’re finished you’re now going to have a clean list of expired domains that are in your niche. You’ll have Domain Authority of each expired domain. Now it’s your decision what DA is a threshold for you to spend the additional time diving more in-depth to their link profile. I recommend focusing on Domain Authority of at least 15+

Step 10: Backlink Audit

There are so many things that you can do with expired domains. I think the two greatest impacts on growing any business SEO is either doing a 301 redirect from the expired domain to the money site or, setting up a PBN network.

301 Redirect Checklist:

When doing a 301 redirect from a niche related expired domain it is absolutely imperative that for

  1. Your expired domain is niche related
  2. The expired domain has high DA
  3. The expired domain has high trust in Majestic
  4. The backlinks pointing at the expired domain are healthy and not spam
  5. Look the expired domain up on Way Back Machine. You want to make sure that the content on the old site is good.
  6. Check Anchor text and make sure they fit your niche business
  7. I like to also check-in SEMrush and see what keywords that site was ranking for also

Let me know your thoughts or your methods that you’ve come up with for finding highly targeted niche related expired domains that will boost your results in the SERPS.


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