How To Get More Likes on Facebook- 1 Simple Hack

how to get more likes on facebook


This Hack Facebook Doesn’t Show You on How To Get More Likes On Facebook For Your Business Page

Facebook continuously tries to get you to spend more money on promoting your business page. Over the past few years, they make it more difficult to interact as your business page with people that are in your niche. I remember the first business page I put together. I was excited to create my business page so I could see my news feed and start immediately interacting with the people that like my page. Like a lot of other people, I searched for my news feed. I couldn’t find it so I turned to Google. I quickly learned that there wasn’t a Facebook news feed for my business page. I then started to dump money into Facebook to try to engage with more of my prospects for my business, but I didn’t get too far.


I was Inspired To Teach People This Little Hack

I follow a lot of people in my niche and use this trick you’re about to learn and interact as my business page. I follow Neil Patel and he posted a great video that I recommend that you do because he gives  7 social media hacks. After watching his video I was shocked that he left out the #1 best Facebook social media hack that is out there that I’m about to teach you. Neil Patels Video inspired me in hopes to help anyone out there with this simple but yet powerful hack on how to get more Facebook likes to your business page.


What’s The Trick On How To Get More Likes On Facebook?

The trick is to start interacting with Facebook Pages that are in your business’s niche. It’s a pretty simple trick, and I’m going to show you exactly how to get more likes on your Facebook business page. Now like anything in life there will be some work involved, but it’s easy to set up and start interacting with the exact crowd that you want to be involved with. 


Step 1. Start a Facebook Business Page

This is pretty self-explanatory and if you need help getting started then I recommend following Hootsuite blog for creating a Facebook Business page in 8 easy steps. Once your new Facebook business page is up and running its time to start getting more Facebook Likes to your business page


Step 2. Who Are Your Facebook Influencers?

This is a vital step to know before you can move onto any other step. The best way to solve this is by public influencers. Let me give you an example. Let’s say my new Facebook business page is in the Pet industry then a good place to start would be Pet Smart Page or Petco or any other big page that posts a lot and have a lot of comments on their post. Maybe your new Facebook Business Page is about technology, construction, marketing or any industry that’s out there. This single hack on how to get more likes on Facebook will work for any industry. The only trick is to know what big pages to follow in your industry’s niche so you can start interacting as your business page in their post’s comment section.


Step 3. Like Your Facebook Influencer As Your Facebook Business Page

Not a lot of people know that you’re able to Like a page as your Facebook business page. This is the first step on how to get more Facebook likes to your page. 

  1. Go to the search section of Facebook
  2. Type the page that you want to follow as your page
  3. Click on their profile
  4. Note I’m using Gary Vaynerchuck in this demonstration
  5. I know he posts a lot, and a lot of people interact with his post’s and most of the people that follow him are in my niche.  
How To Get More Facebook


Step 4. Like As Your Page For As Many Influencers In Your Niche 

After you search and find the individuals page that you want to like as a page you’re going to want to

  1. Click on their profile
  2. Don’t just like the page
  3. Choose the three dots …
  4. A drop-down will appear and choose “Like as your page”

Now that we have one influencer in our niche it’s time to utilize that same step for as many other pages in your niche so we have the best ability to interact as our Facebook page with people that will like your page and grow your business


Step 5. Now How To Get More Facebook Likes To My Business Page

Ok so now that you’ve gone through and liked as many pages in your niche as your business page its time to get more likes to your Facebook Page, but you may be asking yourself how to get more Facebook likes?

Go to this link –

This is a hidden link that Facebook doesn’t want you to know about. They would rather you spend money on their campaigns rather than interact as your business page with people that are in your niche


Facebook Business Page Feed and What You’ll Find

What you’ll find in this feed is every post from your influencers will be listed here. You’ll be able to

  • Comment as your business
  • Easily share their content
  • Like posts as your business
  • Add your link to comments
  • Answer questions to comments as your business

And many other creative ideas to get people to trust you as a brand when you add value to their life with your business. 


Why Does This Process Work For Getting More Facebook Page Likes

By liking as many peoples pages as your business page then by going to the link that I provided will give you the ability to interact with people that are in your niche. Through consistently liking, commenting, sharing your links, and interacting with popular content will get a steady flow of people wanting to learn who you are. This will drive a lot more people to your business page. I recommend spending as much time using that link and interacting with people in your niche. 


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