How To Create Leads On LinkedIn Lead Generation

How To Create LinkedIn Lead Generation

Linkedin lead generation

With LinkedIn being such a major powerhouse in the business world it’s essential to have some sort of plan to utilize LinkedIn Lead Generation at your organization. Currently, LinkedIn has over 575 million users and 260 million monthly active users. 40% access LinkedIn on a daily basis. It’s a proven fact that the Fortune 500 decision-makers and executives like to spend their spare time on the LinkedIn platform, and its time your business starts taking advantage of how to create leads on LinkedIn

Getting Started On How To Create Leads On LinkedIn

Before you get out there and just start spamming everyone on LinkedIn it’s imperative that your organization puts together a plan of action that is measurable, and scalable. We are going to walk through and give your business some tips and tricks in this article. We also specialize in offering this as a service LinkedIn Lead Generation. We’ve helped numerous companies nationwide grow their business at tremendous rates by utilizing this powerful tool.

Understand Who Your Prospects Are

This is going to be where you’re going to want to start out. Every company should know the demographics of their prospect. Below are a few bullet points that you’re going to want to write down.

Prospect List

  • What location are your prospects in?
  • What’s the job title of your targeted prospects?
  • Whats the industry of your targeted prospects?
  • Company sizes and headcount
  • Job Functions
  • Decision-makers

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Now that you understand who your prospect is, where they are based, what industry they are in and the job titles that you want to get your business’s value proposition in front of it’s time to get a license of LinkedIn Sales Navigator. LinkedIn Sales Navigator gives you the ability to use all the filters so you can easily find your prospects on LinkedIn.

Before You Connect

Before you just go off on a rampage connecting to all your prospects we recommend taking a little time to visit your prospects LinkedIn profile and try to learn a little bit about your prospect. This will help when reaching out and building rapport.

Connect To Your Prospects Via LinkedIn

LinkedIn Sales Navigator makes it very handy with all the filters that they have to offer. You can get as granular as you’d like when filtering your business’s prospects. Now that you have all your prospects in one list it’s time to connect them to your LinkedIn profile and get them in your network.

Why Does Connecting Help?

Connecting to your prospects via LinkedIn is an extremely powerful tool. The first thing that will happen is your prospect takes notice that you visited their profile. Next, they see you took the time to connect to their profile. This is the first initial step to get on their radar.

Send A Message With Your Connection Request

This is imperative. Remember when I said take a little time to visit each profile before you send the connection request? Well, this is where you want to put that info into play. Send your connection request with a personalized message. Take the time to send a personalized note that is introducing yourself and what you’d like to connect to their professional network.

How These Two Steps Will Get You Ahead Of Your Competition?

A few different things happen when you utilize this strategy.

  • Your prospect has seen you visited their profile
  • Your prospect sees you connected to their profile
  • Your prospect gets a personalized note from you

Getting On Your Prospects Radar

One by one you will notice that you’ll start to build your professional network and getting the attention of your prospects via LinkedIn. You’ll be amazed at how many of your prospects will accept your invitation request and even respond to your personalized note wanting to learn more about your business. This process will get you ahead of your competition and build your business through LinkedIn Lead Generation

Automated LinkedIn Lead Generation

Now that we went over how to manually do LinkedIn Lead Generation I want to discuss how Infinity Lead Gen can automate the process of;

  • Auto-connect 800 a week to your targeted prospects to your LinkedIn profile
  • Auto message a personized message to each of your prospects
  • Collect the data and send follow up B2B email directly to your prospects

Infinity Lead Gen Automated LinkedIn Lead Generation As a Service

We’ve helped many different industries rapidly grow their outreach to their prospects on an automated basis. We don’t believe in spamming anyone. We believe in bringing value to individuals that could benefit from your product or services.

We setup Your LinkedIn Profile

We first have a discussion as to who your prospects are. We take the same steps as you would do manually. What Job titles, industry, company sizes, region, and we set up LinkedIn Sales Navigator under your account

Automate Your LinkedIn

Now, this is where some of the real power comes into play. Once all the filters are set up in LinkedIn Sales Navigator we send your profile off for automation on a scheduled basis. Your profile works just as you would be working. Monday through Friday your profile behind the scenes in auto-connecting and auto messaging your prospects about 800 per week.

Auto Connecting LinkedIn Lead Generation

Your profile will be auto-connecting to about 800 of your prospects per week, Your professional network will dramatically begin to grow. Your prospects will see that you took the time to visit their profile and connect with them helping you to get their visibility.

Auto Messaging Within LinkedIn Lead Generation

At Infinity Lead Gen we want to ensure that your LinkedIn page is sending the message that you want your prospects to see. This message will be sent to every prospect as the automation happens. You can change this message out at any time.

Responding to Messages From LinkedIn Lead Generation

While your profile goes through and auto connects and automatically messages all your company prospects in LinkedIn it will be your job to respond to all the questions that your prospects will respond to on LinkedIn. You will be checking your LinkedIn profile every day and responding to questions that they have from your automated messaging.

Following Up B2B Email Addresses

While your profile auto visits connect and message about 3,200 of your prospects for an entire month Infinity Lead Gen is working hard behind the scenes to maximize your business. At the end of each month, Infinity Lead Gen takes all the data from your visiting prospects for that month and we build your prospects B@B email addresses so you can re-market to them.

B2B Email Validation

Once Infinity Lead Gen is finished build your monthly visited prospects B2B email addresses we run each email through a validation process. We test each email for a valid DNS record and MX record ensuring your prospects will receive you’re follow up emails.

1,500 B2B Emails Every Month

Your business will receive about 1,500 validated emails per month. Your company can do a few different things with these emails. This isn’t so much as cold outreach at this point. Your LinkedIn Lead Generation already got your business on their radar. We already visited their profile, auto connected to them, auto messaged to them via LinkedIn and now there is a good chance we are on their radar and its time to follow up via email.

Hand The List Off To Your Sales Team

You could take the list of 1,500 visited contacts and hand them off to your sales team for a follow up call blast.

Bulk Emailing

Bulk email the list for a webinar or any type of marketing campaigns that your company currently does.

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